One of the best ways to support our work and get involved is to come to one of our events.

Visit our events page for more information! At the moment, due to Covid-19, all of our events are taking place virtually. We have still had enjoyable events and informative talks - despite it all taking place on Zoom, so we hope that you can join us.

We will return to in person events as soon as possible.

To stay informed about Amnesty events, or to come along and get involved, contact us.


10 simple ways to make a difference...


  1. Join our mailing list

  2. Follow us on social media

  3. Join a street collection + hold a collecting tin for an hour 

  4. Come to an event

  5. Help at an event - or suggest one you’d like to see happen

  6. Come to a meeting

  7. Tell a friend

  8. Print out a poster and put it up

  9. Writing letters 

  10. Sign a petition 


Our meetings are held at 7:30 on the third Wednesday of every month. During Covid-19, all meetings are taking place virtually. Please contact Jenny Brabazon for the meeting link:


Support Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust with a one-off gift and stand up for human rights around the world:

£10 Helps us put pressure on politicians and policy makers to protect human rights around the world.

£24 Allows our experts to attend international government meetings and stand up for human rights.

£50 Enables researchers around the world to investigate reports of torture and abuse.